Despite the rains Central Texas saw last week, the Texas Agriculture Commissioner is pushing water conservation. Todd Staples is reminding people of the critical need to continue conserving water in order to delay the need for more stringent water restrictions. “This is a crisis, make no mistake,” said AG Commissioner Staples. “This drought that we are in is making substantial changes to economies rippled throughout Texas.”

He believes the drought is impacting jobs and economic development throughout the state. And Staples is asking all Texans to do their part to help conserve. “Whether you live in an apartment or you own your own home you need to practice water conservation if you are going to make it through the difficult circumstances we face today,” said Staples. To promote statewide water conservation, Texas Water Smart has developed a program to educate business and families on how they can make a difference by conserving water.

The commissioner doesn’t want people to be fooled by a little rain, and understand much more is needed before any drought conditions change. “Texans need to recognize that we need to practice common sense water conservation tips that can be done and go a long way to meeting our needs,” said Staples.

Some of the tips include:
– Only water outdoors in the morning and evening.
– Adjust sprinklers so only your lawn is watered.
– Use watering cans for patio plants.

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This article was written by Adam Racusin and published here.