Transparency under Texas Tax Code Section 26.18

Senate Bill 2, passed by the 86th Texas Legislature session. This bill created a variety of new notice and posting requirements for groundwater districts in Texas that adopt a tax rate each year under Chapter 26 of the Texas Tax Code.

Please remember that Clearwater UWCD is a taxing district. In keeping with the state law and avoiding being penalized for failing to comply has incorporated the requirements of SB 2 in our posting of the following information.

Our home website is

The public records section is at

One of the new posting requirements created by SB 2 is Section 26.18 of the Tax Code that requires districts to maintain an internet website and post the following information on one page of the site:

The current elected board of directors are:

Leland Gersbach

Gary Young   

Jody Williams

Scott Brooks  

David Cole     


The district’s mailing address, email address, and telephone number are:

Clearwater Underground Water Conservation


Phone:           254.933.0120

Mailing:          PO Box 1989
Belton, TX 76513

Physical:        700 Kennedy Court
Belton, TX 76513


The district’s budget for the previous two years;

The adopted budget for the current year is:

The district’s budget for Maintenance & Operations (M&O)  in FY21 was $795,203.00 and has an adopted a budget of $839,606.00 for FY22 thus showing an increase of $44,403.00 or 5% increase from last year.

The district has no property tax revenue budgeted for debt service for the previous two years and the current year;

The adopted tax rate for maintenance and operations was adopted for the previous two years at 0.00372/$100 for FY21 and 0.00310/$100.00 for FY22.

The district has no debt to service thus has never adopted a debt service tax rate.

The most recent financial audit for the district is located on this page and at: