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The Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District holds an annual Water Symposium that is intended to share water related issues with the residents and decision makers of Bell County.  Topics vary from year to year, but typically changes in climate predictions and state laws are at the top of the discussion list.

Below are pdf copies from previous year’s presentations.


Intro Sponsors & Speakers 2023
Blackburn – Growth & Development….Same Song, 53rd Verse
Smith – Understanding Today and Tomorrow’s Water Needs
Brunett – BRA Water Supply & System Update
Aaron , Gersbach & Keester – Groundwater Resource & Research Update
Dr. Needham – Keynote Speaker
Panel Discussion – Aquifer Storage & Recovery “The New Reservoir”
Standen – Rainwater Collection: What are the Possibilities?


Intro Sponsors & Speakers 2022
Blackburn – Growth, Development, & Creepy Crawlers
Brunett – BRA Water Management Strategies & System Update
Garrett – Bell County WCID #1 Background, Regional Role, Current Issues
Aaron & Gersbach – Groundwater Resource Update
Aquifer Conservation Alliance – Panel Discussion
Dr. Eckstein – Domestic and International Perspective of Water Resources and Legal Disputes
Nielsen-Gammon – Texas Climate Trends and Drought
Smith – Texas State Water Planning and Brazos G Regional Planning for the Future
Yelderman, Yelderman & Brewer – Your Aquifer and You: Data Insights From the Middle Trinity Aquifer and the People Who Use It


Intro Sponsors & Speakers_2021
Irlbeck – Current Status of Water in Texas
Lopez and Mace Rural Land Trends and Impacts to Groundwater
Blackburn – Growth and Development Bell County: It has, It is & It will be
Aaron – State of Groundwater in Bell County
Fuller – Texas Runs on Water
Brunett – BRA Update on Surface Water Resources in Brazos Planning Region G
Panel – New Understanding of the Trinity Aquifer in Bell and Williamson Counties
Deeds and Young – ASR, Is it a Viable Strategy in Bell County
Manning and Todd – Status Update of the Salado Salamander’s Critical Habitat Designation and Species Status


Welcome: Bell County Water Symposium
Aaron – CUWCD State of the District: Successes, Concerns and Actions
Mace – Whisky’s for Drinkin’, Water’s for Fightin’: The Tumultuous History and Collaborative Future of Water Management Texas
Dupnik – Texas Water Development Board Update: Science, Infrastructure & Support
Blackburn – Bell County Challenges and Prospects for the Future
Flatten – Caring, Collaboration and Outreach for the Future
Malzahn – State of the Brazos River Basin and BRA
Yelderman – Groundwater Science for Sound Policy
CUWCD and UTGCD – GCD Case Study of Management and Policy


Abel – Brazos River Authority Water Supply System & Operations
French – Texas Water Development Board Science and Infrastructure
Keester – Status of the Trinity Aquifer in Central Texas
Porter – Water for Texas: Sharing the Pool
Yelderman – Oasis Well Pumping Test


Aaron and Gersbach – CUWCD Update
Beach -Understanding the Aquifers of Bell County for ASR
Bruun – TWDB – Water Resources
Collinsworth – Brazos River Basin Update
Greene – TexMesonet Program
Konetchy – Overview of DFC Analysis Tool
Prcin – Lampasas River Watershed Partnership Update and the Status of Other Bell County Rivers and Streams
Schlessinger – GCDs What They Do, Why They Matter & 1917 Conservation Amendment
Steinbach and Fox – Overview of the TWCA Organization and the 85th Legislative Session
Wolfe and Miller – ASR Feasibility


Wong and Yelderman – NorthernSegment2016_FINAL
Wolfe – LookingCloselyASR_Notes_16NOV16
Westbrook – Bell County Water Symposium11-16-16
Webb – Aquifer Storage and Recovery Its State in the State
Prcin – Bell County Water Symposium 2016
Keester – 20161116 Bell County Water Symposium – An Evolving Understanding of the Hosston Layer of the Trinity Aquifer
Hamm and Smith – Water_Ambassadors_Program_V6
Embrey and Schlessinger – 161117 Bell County Symposium Presentation
Collier – Have You Met My Friend ASR – 2016 Bell County Water Symposium
Braun – Geochemistry of the Northern Segment of the Edwards Aquifer in Relation to Salado Springs and Trinity Aquifer Water Quality
Beach – BellCounty_Water_Symposium2016
Aaron and Gersbach – CUWCD_16NOV16