In accordance with Governor Abbott’s declaration of the COVID-19 public health threat, action to temporarily suspend certain provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act, and Executive Order, a quorum of CUWCD’s Board of Directors will hold this scheduled Public Hearing by telephonic conference call and, for redundancy, videoconference. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors for the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District have set the public hearing set for July 14, 2021, at 1:30 p.m. Application for Permit as described below will be heard as described above, in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.  The public may access this meeting and make public comment by phone, pc, tablet and/or notebook by going to the District Website for the contact information and instructions of which will be available on July 9, 2021. 

The hearing will be conducted on the following application:

Applicant’s File Number/NamePermit Applicant/Holder and LandownerLocation of Well/WellsProposed Annual Groundwater Withdrawal Amount & Purpose of Use
Combination Drilling &Operating Permit N1-21-003P   Nathan & Danielle McNeal21152 State Highway 195Killeen, TX 76542 254-220-9777  New well will be drilled and equipped with a maximum 1 ¼ -inch column pipe for a submersible pump rated at 7 gallons per minute on the 2.00-acre tract located at 21152 State Highway 195Killeen, TX 76542 Latitude 30.93498ºLongitude -97.78974ºRequest for a Combination Drilling/Operating Permit from a new well,N1-21-003Pfor withdrawal of 0.40 acre- ft/year or 131,400 gallons per year, from the Hosston layer (Lower) of the Trinity Aquifer with a 1 ¼ -inch column pipe at 7 gallons per minute to produce groundwater for the purpose of domestic use. 

The Application for Permit and Permit Amendments, if granted, would authorize the permit holders to operate wells within the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District according to the terms and conditions set forth in the permit.



Clearwater UWCD, in order to maintain governmental transparency and continued government operation while reducing face-to-face contact for government open meetings, is implementing measures according to guidelines set forth by the Office of the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott. In accordance with section 418.016 of the Texas Government Code, Governor Abbott has suspended various open-meetings provisions that require government officials and members of the public to be physically present at a specified meeting location. CUWCD’s adherence to the Governor’s guidance temporary suspension procedure ensures public accessibility and opportunity to participate in CUWCD’s open meeting, workshop, and hearings.

Members of the public wishing to make public comment during the meeting must register by emailing  prior to 11:30 a.m. on July 14, 2021.  This meeting will be recorded, and the audio recording will be available by contacting the CUWCD’s staff after the meeting. A copy of the agenda packet will be available on the CUWCD’s website at the time of the meeting.

If you would like to support, protest, or provide comments on this application, you must comply with District Rule 6.10 and either appear by phone or video conference during the hearing or submit a written Contested Case Hearing Request that complies with District Rule 6.10 and that must be received by the District prior 11:30 a.m. on the date of the hearing by accessing the form at:

Public Comment forms can be assessed at:

You may join Clearwater UWCD Regular Board Meeting, Permit Hearing and Workshop

  • Wed, Jul 14, 2021, 1:30 PM – 6:30 PM (CDT)
  • Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • You can also dial in using your phone.

For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.

  • United States (Toll Free): 1 877 309 2073

One-touch: tel:+18773092073,,370683293# Access Code: 370-683-293

A person wishing to submit a Contested Case Hearing Request who is unable to appear at the hearing on the date and time set forth above must also file a motion for continuance with CUWCD demonstrating good cause for the inability to not appear by phone and/or video.

For additional information about this application or the permitting process, or to request information on the legal requirements on what MUST be included in a Contested Case Hearing Request to be valid, please contact the CUWCD at 700 Kennedy Court (PO Box 1989) Belton, Texas, 76513, 254-933-0120.

ISSUED this 2nd day of July 2021 in Belton, Texas, on the recommendation of the General Manager.

I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that the above NOTICE OF PERMIT HEARING of the Board of Directors of the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District is a true and correct copy of said Notice.  I have posted a true and correct copy of said Notice at the District office located in Belton, Texas, and said Notice was posted on July 2, 2021, and remained posted continuously for at least 10 (ten) days immediately preceding the day of said hearing; a true and correct copy of said Notice was furnished to the Bell County Clerk, in which the above-named political subdivision is located.

Dated 07/2/2021

Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District

By: Click here for original signed document
Dirk Aaron, General Manager