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Permit Hearing Notice

April 10 @ 1:30 pm


 Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors for the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District will conduct a hearing on four Applications for Permits as described below at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, in the Clearwater UWCD Board Room located at 640 Kennedy Court, Belton, Texas, in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.

The hearing will be conducted on the following application:

Applicant’s File Number/Name Permit Applicant/Holder and Landowner Location of Well/Wells Proposed Annual Groundwater Withdrawal Amount & Purpose of Use
Drilling Permit Hearing related to:


Well #




Seven Custom Homes

c/o: William Gamblin, P.E.



19125 Adrian Way, Ste 100

Jonestown, TX 78645

(512) 851-8740

The proposed Drilling permit is for one public water supply well to serve a future new RV Resort on a 33-acre tract.


Well #1                                             

Latitude 31.140158º

Longitude -97.316438º


The new well will be completed in the Hosston Layer of the Trinity Aquifer known as the Lower Trinity Aquifer and geographically in the CUWCD Eastern Management Zone.



This application is for a Drilling Permit only and no production is to be authorized.


The proposed well is for proposed future production of groundwater for a future public water supply entity at an annual quantity not to exceed 16.8 acre-feet or 5,474,297 total gallons per year at a maximum pumping rate not to exceed 50 gallons per minute per well from the Lower Trinity Aquifer (Hosston Layer)


No production will be issued with this drilling permit application other than that necessary for drilling and completing the well and the prescribed elements of the required Well Completion Report per District Rule 6.9.2(f)(1-8) for a future operating permit.

Amendment to an Existing

Operating Permit Hearing

related to:


Well #


Existing Well





Victory Rock Texas LLC

c/o Jon Taliaferro


9737 Great Hills Trail, Ste 340

Austin, TX 78759


(361) 215-9994


The proposed amendment is for an existing well located at:


Well #1                                                 

Latitude 30.878055º

Longitude -97.609444º



The existing well is completed in the Hosston Layer of the Trinity Aquifer known as the Lower Trinity Aquifer and geographically in the CUWCD Stillhouse Hollow Management Zone.


Well #N2-21-001P is equipped with a 1 ¼ -inch column pipe with a submersible pump rated at 16 gallons per minute on the 283-acre tract located at the 7170 Solana Ranch Rd, Salado, TX 76571.



The current operating permit is to produce groundwater for a defined beneficial use for a dual purpose specifically for dust suppression and mining/crushing aggregates on contiguous tracts of land known as PID: 41910 and PID: 41912 of approximately 283-acres.


Victory Rock Texas LLC is proposing an amendment to the permit to add an additional tract of land PID: 41920 totaling 110.73-acres to their contiguous property leased from Byron Goode. The proposed additional beneficial use is to include a Concrete Batch Plant Facility known as Five Star, Concrete, LLC.


The current operating permit does authorize production of groundwater not to exceed 30-ac-ft (9,775,000 gallons) per year from a well (N2-21-001P) completed in the Hosston Layer of Trinity aquifer. This application does not contemplate any additional groundwater production beyond the current operating amount of 30-ac-ft/year.




The Applications for Permit and Permit Amendments, if granted, would authorize the permit holders to operate wells within the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District according to the terms and conditions set forth in the permit.  A person wishing to submit a Contested Case Hearing Request under District Rule 6.10.15(d) who is unable to appear at the hearing on the date and time set forth above must also file a motion for continuance with CUWCD demonstrating good cause for the inability to not appear.


For additional information about this application or the permitting process, or to request information on the legal requirements on what MUST be included for a Contested Case Hearing Request to be valid, please contact CUWCD at 700 Kennedy Court (PO Box 1989) Belton, Texas, 76513, 254-933-0120.


ISSUED this 28th day of March 2024 in Belton, Texas, on the recommendation of the General Manager.


I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that the above NOTICE OF PERMIT HEARING of the Board of Directors of the Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District is a true and correct copy of said Notice.  I have posted a true and correct copy of said Notice at the District office located in Belton, Texas, and said Notice was posted on March 28, 2024, and remained posted continuously for at least 10 (ten) days immediately preceding the day of said hearing; a true and correct copy of said Notice was furnished to the Bell County Clerk, in which the above-named political subdivision is located.


Dated 3/28/2024

Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District

By: Click here for original signed document

Dirk Aaron, General Manager


April 10
1:30 pm


Clearwater UWCD Board Room
640 Kennedy Court
Belton, TX 76569 United States
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