Clearwater Underground Water Conservation District (CUWCD) on September 12th has formally canceled the called election for November 6, 2018 for district directors in precinct 2, 4 and at-large positions in accordance with Texas Election Law for political subdivisions.

Texas Election Laws address and provide CUWCD with the statutory authority per Sec. 2.052. for cancellation of elections by the district after having a formal certification of unopposed candidates. This was certified by the District General Manager in writing that all candidates are unopposed for election to each office (in other words, the outcome is already known due to the lack of opposition). Dirk Aaron, district general manager, as the districts authority for conducting the election per Texas Election Code as prescribed by the Texas Secretary of State.

The certification was delivered to the Board of Directors on September 12th regular board meeting by Mr. Aaron. Per their acceptance of the certification the board voted to take action prescribed by the Secretary of State (form AW12-2) the order canceling the election in of the political subdivision as soon as filed and presented to Melinda Luedecke, Bell County Election Administrator. In accordance with election law a copy of the official order by CUWCD must be and will be posted on election day at each polling place being used in the general election on November 6th in Bell County.

The three candidates running unopposed are incumbent Gary Young, Precinct 2 Director; Scott Brooks, Precinct 4 Director; and incumbent David Cole, At-Large Director.

A certificate of election will be issued to each unopposed candidate on December 12th at the regular monthly board meeting at the district headquarters in Belton.  Each will take the oath of office in accordance to state law on that day.

To view the recorded Certificate of Unopposed Candidates click here and to view the recorded Order of Cancellation click here.